I am using vedsara facepack & lipcare from a very long time. I also suggest it to my customers, My customers have been repeatedly asking about the reason for my glow.
Priyanka Parmar
After I retired I was Suffering from heavy wrinklage As soon as I used 2-3 facepacks, it made me appear like I was back in my 40-50s. My wrinkles were gone.
Vibhuti Acharya
Retd. Govt officer
Genuine product. It also suits & my oily skin. It blends in so smoothly. Must try!
Sagar Tiwari
Student & Fitness Trainer
i recommend everyone to use the lip care as it helped me to get rid of my lipigmentation. It faded away gradually and my lips became natural pink again .
I am using the vedsara herbal face pack, lip care and cream from more than 10 years. Now they have become a part of my daily skin care routine.
Ruhi Cheejbani
my skin was tanned and became dull ....I used the facepack and my natural glow was restored. I also like the shampoo, very pleasant smell and made my hair smooth and shiny.
Shubham Bharti
Graphic designer
I was much worried about my facial pores and scraped lips soon as started using the herbal face pack slowly month by month the pores started fading and in 8-9 months my cheeks became completely normal. My scraped lips were also healed through lip care.
Shyam Singh
I was much worried about the pimples on my face then I came to know about vedsara face pack. I used it and within 1 to 2 weeks my face was completely pimple free.
Pravjot Kaur
Have been using both lip care and facepack from years now no change in quality and effect. Wrinkles are no more my problem .
Usha hatej
House Wife
I regularly use the herbal products only they help maintain my skin soft and smooth the Chandan fragrance is very refreshing. They are 10 out of 10 for me. I avoid using any other chemical cosmetics.
Seema Porwal
Banking Service
My mother-in-law was already using vedsara facepack. Soon I also Started to use it as I had freckles on my face. Within months my freckles were gone and my face started to glow.
Neelam Acharya
House wife
Used it only two times and my skin started to shine. It gave me, instant freshness. Also used the chemical-free lipcare, made my lips shiny.
Bindu Mantri
Business Woman
Had old acne marks on my face, tried it for once and those marks were gone within a month.
Sarabjot Kaur
House wife
nice product overall 👍
Shivam Sharma
using all the natural products from 2 months ...like them very much.
Palak Jain
I ordered the vedsara herbal shampoo and used it. It is very soft and gentle on my hair and made them very lustrous. It also leaves a very pleasant and refreshing aroma.
Manjari udainiya